BMW N52 / N51 Activeautowerke Performance Exhaust Header


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  • BMW N52 / N51 Activeautowerke Performance Exhaust Header

BMW N52 / N51 Activeautowerke Performance Exhaust Header


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The Active Autowerke N52 Performance Exhaust Header is specifically designed for BMW chassis which utilize the N52 inline 6-cylinder engine. With our performance header for the N52, you will be able to increase the exhaust flow of your BMW while gaining additional power – something that is difficult to accomplish on these vehicles.

This header was engineered to promote optimum flow and eliminate any restrictions that could possibly rob the engine of extra horsepower. Available for a number of BMW applications, the Active Autowerke N52 Performance Exhaust Header should be one of the first upgrades owners elect to make. Not to mention, the tremendous effects can be felt almost immediately.

Key Features:

  • Dyno-Proven 20+ WHP gains over stock manifold
  • Improved power & torque curves throughout entire RPM range
  • Available for Coupe, Convertible, & Sedan
  • Designed for RACE and/or TRACK USE
  • 100% 304 Brushed Stainless Steel finish
  • Mandrel-bent tubing for a smooth & unrestricted flow
  • Each header test fitted on N52 Header jig
  • Guaranteed to fit on BMW E9X 328i w/N52 engine
  • Includes all gaskets needed for installation ( $150 SAVINGS )
  • Two-year Limited Warranty



  • 128i Coupe or Convertible


  • 325i/325xi Sedan, Coupe, or Convertible
  • 328i/328xi Sedan, Coupe, or Convertible
  • 330i/330xi Sedan, Couple, or Convertible

DynoJET Results - BMW 128i 6 Speed

BMW E9x N52 Performance Header Dyno Graph


  • Active Autowerke N52 Performance Exhaust Header
  • 3 Stage intake manifold (charcoal air filter removed)
  • K&N Drop-in filter 
  • Stock exhaust (with secondary catalytic converters intact)


BLUE line - Stock Figures: 208.48 WHP | 207.63 WTQ
GREEN line - Modified Figures: 248.02 WHP | 225.15 WTQ


- Header system designed for off-road use and racing application only
- Will generate **CEL** without Active Autowerke N52 software upgrade

Mustang Dyno Results - BMW 328i Auto:


  • Active Autowerke Performance Exhaust Header
  • Stock intake manifold (charcoal filter removed)
  • OEM paper air intake filter
  • Stock exhaust (with secondary catalytic converters intact)


Bottom line - stock 328i Automatic:  175 WHP | 161 WTQ
Middle line - AA Header & charcoal filter delete:  198 WHP |179 WTQ
Top line - AA header, AA software, & charcoal filter delete:  207 WHP | 192 WTQ


Created With Performance In Mind

As is the goal with building any header, the purpose of designing the N52 Performance Header was increase horsepower and improve overall performance. Our header does a tremendous job of freeing up untapped horsepower that the BMW N52 is capable of producing. After many dyno runs and recorded results, the data validates the Active Autowerke N52 Performance Header as must-have BMW performance part for a noticeable and powerful upgrade.

Material & Durability

Suitable for either naturally aspirated or supercharged applications, the N52 Header by Active Autowerke is made entirely of 100% 304 stainless steel. With this header, worrying about durability is a thing of the past.


Is installing the header difficult to do? Not at all! Robust exhaust flanges with recessed mounting holes make the installation of your N52 Performance Header a breeze. With a few quick turns of a ratchet, you will be well on your way to feeling the additional horsepower.

NOTE: Active Autowerke GUARANTEES that each and every N52 Performance Header will be a precise fit. Every Active Autowerke N52 Header is test-fitted on our N52 motor jig as part of our quality control.


As far as mounting hardware is concerned, this system is absolutely complete. The BMW N52 engine uses a single-use oval shape gasket to help seal the exhaust manifold against the exhaust port – a floating design that also self-centers the exhaust flange as it is being torqued. Reuse of this gasket is NOT SUGGESTED which is why we provide you with SIX new gaskets as part of the installation hardware.

Also included are two fiber gaskets for where the header meets the remaining sections of the exhaust system. Copper locking nuts for the header to mount against the cylinder head and mounting bolts w/nuts to secure the header to the exhaust system are included as well. 

NOTE: The factory exhaust catalysts MUST be removed in the process, making this solution recommended for off-road and racing applications ONLY.

There will be a CEL without Active Autowerke software upgrade