ECS Tuning - Universal Baffled Catch Can - 8oz

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  • ECS Tuning - Universal Baffled Catch Can - 8oz

ECS Tuning - Universal Baffled Catch Can - 8oz

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Modern day emission regulations require the use of a closed PCV / Breather system to recirculate combustion blow-by gases for cleaner operation and to reduce greenhouse gases. However, due to inefficient capturing of oil particles within the air charge, a dense amount of oil vapor is allowed to be ingested within the intake tract causing deposits of carbon buildup at the intake ports, back of intake valves and oil deposits within the intake plumbing. All will eventually lead to poor performance, reduced fuel economy and a decreasing octane rating. 

ECS Tuning now has the solution with our ECS Baffled and Recirculating Oil Catch Can. In house engineered, our catch can is designed to collect toxic blow-by gasses, reduce carbon build up and reduce concentrations of acids, oxidants and water within the engine oil. 

Being that our catch can recirculates the oil vapor, you are not effecting any emissions components nor vent to atmosphere, which would lead to an oil coated engine bay. This is the cleanest method for capturing oil vapor from returning to your intake. 

  • Height w/out dipstick: 6”
  • Height w/ dipstick: 6.25”
  • Width: 2.5”
  • Depth: 2.875”

Key benefits of the ECS Baffled Oil Catch Can:

  • Highly Efficient Oil Separator:
    • Strategically positioned 4 chamber baffle system maximizes oil / air separation 
    • Engineered to create multiple changes in the direction of airflow within the separator to cause oil droplets to fall out of suspension before exiting the catch can
    • Closed / recirculated design reduces oil ingestion and promotes cleaner emissions and odor-less operation
    • 6061-T6 billet machined body, anodized black for lasting protection and appearance
  • Integrated Dipstick:
    • Knurled and black anodized oil dipstick makes inspecting oil volume of reservoir clean and simple
    • Sealed with a pre-installed viton O-Ring 
  • Reservoir
    • Available in either 6oz or 8oz capacity to suit your space requirements
    • Easily un-threads from the oil separator for quick draining or cleaning 
    • 6061-T6 billet machined body, anodized black for lasting protection and appearance
  • Serviceable: 
    • Includes 2.5mm allen key to remove baffle plates for cleaning
    • Available Installation Instructions makes cleaning and care a breeze
  • Easy / Customizable Installation
    • When combined with the ECS Universal Bracket Kit, installation is simplified with several mounting configurations
    • 360° Rotation for an infinitely adjustable mounting location when used with our ECS Universal Bracket Kit
    • Machined -10AN ORB (O-Ring Boss) fittings for leak-free fitting connections (fittings NOT included) 
      • Reversible baffle plates allow inlet and outlet locations to be reversed if needed

Engineered and manufactured in the USA, you can expect the best performance and longevity with our superior Oil Catch Can System from ECS Tuning!