BMW E46 A/C Control Relocation Bracket with Integrated USB Ports

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All BMW E46s without OEM navigation require the HVAC relocation bracket (either the "single row" or "individual row") to install a double-din radio such as the Dynavin or any other aftermarket unit. This bracket includes two USB ports --one for USB charging (3A or 12V) and one for multimedia that plugs into the back of the Dynavin or other aftermarket radio. Eliminates the ashtray compartment. 


For BMW E46s switching to a double-din head unit (Dynavin) where all the buttons above the ashtray are housed in a single assembly with center-mounted switches. The single row version is for switches that are part of and pull out as a long, single unit. You may have any number of buttons but note there are NO SEAMS BETWEEN the buttons. Newer E46 models particularly the M3 typically have the "single row" configuration.

Which HVAC control relocation bracket do I need for my E46?

Look at your car's buttons. If there are no seams between the buttons and they are all housed in the same long button housing unit, you need the "single row relocation bracket" as pictured below. The individual row version is for switches that pull out individually. The single row version is for switches that are part of and pull out as a long, single unit.


(Single Row button style)


If you can see seams between the buttons (as pictured below) or you have one button with a "blank" filling in the rest of the area, you need an "individual row relocation bracket".  The number of buttons is irrelevant but what is crucial is whether there are vertical seams between them or not.


Individual Row button style)


If you're not sure which one you need, email us a picture of your console and we will let you know!


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