Softronic Performance Software

EuroCustomsPR represents Softronic Inc., a premier producer of programming software and equipment for Porsche vehicles. With over 40 years of experience in fuel injection and Porsche Race Car data checking, Softronic leads the industry in state-of-the-art automotive programming.

What We Offer:

• DME Programming: Enhance driveability, reliability, and performance.
• Extensive ECU Library: From basic flashes to fully custom maps.
• Proprietary Flashing Solution: Faster and more accurate than competitors.
• User-Friendly Software: Flash your vehicle through the OBDII port without removing the DME.

Based in Connecticut, Softronic has been tuning Porsche ECUs for nearly 30 years, providing technical advice to the Porsche Club of America and ensuring fair play in motorsports through data checking.

Cost and Convenience:

• ECU Flash Prices: Range from $895 to $5895, including a $150 Client Cable.
• Easy Home Flashing: Requires a Client Cable, a Windows laptop, and an internet connection.

Why Choose Us?
Softronic uses genuine Bosch tools from Porsche, ensuring comprehensive and accurate ECU flashes. Our system surpasses others in real-world performance, focusing on safety and enjoyment.

Browse through the Softronic Tuning collection or contact EuroCustomsPR for more information and pricing on our services.


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