BMW F80 BMW M3, F82 BMW M4 Active Autowerke Exhaust Tips

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 F8X M3 & M4, 

F87 M2

Active Autowerke has released F8x specific exhaust tips! These 90MM tips replace the small and ugly OEM tips found on the F8x BMW M2 M3 M4 

Active Autowerke’s new exhaust tips were developed specifically for the latest-generation M cars. This allows them to fully conceal the remaining OEM piping.

The tips are fully adjustable, which helps guarantee you’ll find the perfect fitment.


The brushed stainless steel finish is both aesthetically-pleasing and easy to keep clean. 

Each kit includes a 10MM exhaust mount bushing ensuring compatibility with any rear diffuser.


  • Pipe opening 70MM

  • Tip opening 90MM

  • Overall length 119MM

  • Visible tip length 90MM

*Sold as a set of 4.