APR Carbon Fiber Intake System With Turbo Inlet Pipes - Porsche 911 (992) 3.0T/3.7T

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Fits 2020+ Porsche 911 (992) 3.0T Carrera/Targa and 3.7T Turbo models


The APR Intake and Turbocharger Inlet System for the Porsche 911 (992) 3.0T and 3.7T offers a substantial upgrade in performance by addressing all restrictions within the factory intake system. This complete system is made from high quality carbon fiber with a gorgeous matte finish and billet fittings integrated directly into the carbon fiber. Smooth and organic transitions throughout the system promote airflow though the tightly packed rear engine design. We've increased flow through the air filters, out of the airbox, and into the turbochargers, addressing each weak point in the factory system. On the flow bench with the higher flowing factory system our system flowed 45% better with less pressure drop. On the dyno this directly translated to more power. On the lower output base 3.0T Carrera with our Stage 1 93 octane tune, we picked up 22 WHP and 22 FT-LBS of torque, to the wheels, and on the 3.7T Turbo S with stock software we saw gains as high as 29 AWHP and 27 AWFT-LBS of torque over stock!


  • +22 WHP / +22 WFT-LBS (APR STG 1 93 3.0T Carrera Base)
  • +29 AWHP / +27 AWFT-LBS (Stock ECU 3.7T Turbo S)
  • Flows 45% better than stock (3.0T Carrera Base) with less pressure drop and lower IAT
  • High-Quality Matte Carbon Fiber design with smooth and organic transitions
  • Complete system Includes filters, airbox, turbo inlets, brackets, and hoses
  • Addresses each flow restriction in the factory design
  • Direct plug and play upgrade
  • Easy to access and washable pleated cotton gauze filters
  • Filters flow 9% better than stock
  • Airbox outlet has a 43% larger cross sectional area than stock
  • Turbo inlets have a 9% (3.0T) and 23% (3.7T) larger cross sectional area than stock
  • Removes the need for a restrictive flow straightener on the 3.7T
  • Billet mounting points integrated into the design for a smooth transition and minimal clamps
  • Integrated billet PCV fitting with Nitrile umbrella check valve
  • Proper flex section provides necessary flex with minimal flow disruption
  • Works on both 3.0T (Carrera/Targa) and 3.7T (Turbo) engines
  • Does not impact emissions


The factory intake system is spilt into 2 mostly mirrored intake systems for each turbo on the H6 3.0T and 3.7T boxer engine. Air flows freely into an airbox with an easy to access panel filter, and then exits and takes a sharp turn through a small turbo inlet pipe into the turbocharger. This pipe is so restrictive, a flow straightener was added to the factory 3.7T pipe, further reducing flow, in an effort to combat compressor surge. The APR system addresses each of the weak points.

The filters are upgraded to a high-flow pleated cotton gauze filter that flows 9% better than stock. The filters are washable and reusable and easily slide in and out of the airbox, just like the factory system, making servicing simple. Lastly, there’s no need to remove the intake system with this design, and the filters are even compatible with the factory airbox.

The airbox is redesigned using carbon fiber in an organic shape to promote airflow. The outlet of the airbox, which is a major restriction point, has a cross sectional area 43% larger than stock, which dramatically outflows the factory components on their own. This system bolts right into place, directly replacing the factory unit. All necessary billet brackets and new PCV hoses are included.

Most of the gains on the system come from upgrading the outlet of the airbox and the turbo inlet pipes. Without upgrading these two critical areas, an upgraded intake system has a trivial impact on performance as this area of the system restricts performance the most. We’ve increased the outlet of our system to 60mm, which has a 9% larger cross sectional area than the 58mm 3.0T system and 23% larger cross sectional area than the 53mm 3.7T system. Due to the additional flow, we were able to do away with the restrictive flow straightened found on the factory 3.7T system, which resulted in exceptional gains in performance without compressor surge.

The results of our upgrades to the intake system are substantial. On the lowest performance setup, a base Carrera with the 3.0T and our Stage 1 93 octane tuning, we saw gains as high as 22 WHP and 22 FT-LBS of torque, at the wheels, over stock. As output increases with higher output models and turbo setups, so does flow and the importance and potential of upgrading the intake system. This is even more potent on the 3.7T as the inlets are much smaller than the 3.0T, which saw gains as high as 29 AWHP and 27 AWFT-LBS of torque on an otherwise stock Turbo S! In total, on the freer-flowing 3.0T we saw flow gains as high as 45% higher than stock. This means less strain on your turbochargers, less pressure drop, higher flow, lower intake air temperature (IAT), ability to reach higher boost levels, and of course, more power and torque. If performance is important to you, this is the best upgrade you can make to you 911’s intake system!


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