APR Intake Filters - Porsche 911 (992) 3.0T/3.7T

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Our drop in intake filters are a direct replacement upgrade for the Porsche 911 (992) 3.0T and 3.7T engines. The proprietary performance intake filters use a high flow cotton gauze filtration material that was flow-bench optimized and is directly compatible with the factory intake system and future APR intake systems. The filters flow up to 9% more than their stock counterparts. The intake system will see reduced pressure drop at the same flow rates. This puts less strain on the turbocharge rand maximizes performance, all while sharpening throttle and turbocharger response. On top of this, the filters are serviceable, meaning they can be washed and cleaned for many years to come!


  • Filters flow up to 9% more than stock
  • Lower pressure drop than stock at the same flow rates
  • Maximizes performance while sharpening throttle response
  • Washable and reusable cotton gauze filter material
  • Flow-bench optimized design
  • Works at any stage of performance
  • Compatible with stock and future APR intake systems
  • Emissions friendly
Brand APR
Emission Code 7
Filter Type Lightly oiled pleated cotton gauze
OEM PN 992129620
Product Type Intake Filter
UPC 810009934653
Part Number RF100023

This part is legal under the provisions of EPA’s Tampering Policy dated November 23rd, 2020. The company has reasonable basis (test results) to verify that this product allows the vehicle to operate within legal emissions standards and is therefore legal to be sold for on-street use in all states that accept the legal provisions of the Clean Air Act and the EPA Tampering Policy. This product is NOT LEGAL FOR SALE OR USE IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. Testing with the California Air Resources Board, in order to achieve 50-state compliance, is pending with CARB. Once testing is complete with California, and an E.O. number is issued, this product will be updated to 50-state legal status.

Part Number Cross References: K&N 33-3153, Porsche 992129620, Porsche 992129620A