BMW Seatbelt Color Change Service

Regular price $325.00

Change the color of your original seatbelts to Red or Yellow

(Other colors can be custom ordered upon request contact us for more information.)

This is price is for 2 Belts.


How it works:

Step 1:

- Place the order selecting the color from the drop down menus and place order.

Step 2:

- Once the order has been placed we will send you a prepaid shipping label. 

- Proceed to remove the seat belt assemblies from your car. (You will need to send us your original seat belt assemblies as cores.)

- Use a Flat Rate Shipping Box to ship the items and apply the prepaid shipping label   

Step 3:

- The color change process may take 5 days after your package has been sent to us.

- You will receive an email with tracking information once they are on their way to you.

Step 4:

- Proceed with the installation and enjoy your new mod :)


For questions and more information email us at: