FTP F2X F3X N20 Charge Pipe / Boost Pipe Combination Package

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BMW F2X F3X N20 charge pipe combination package

Includes the charge pipe + boost pipe.

If your BMW has tuning to run high boost or even at OEM levels the factory plastic charge pipe fails over time. Upgrade to aluminum pipes that will last the life of your engine and never break.

- OEM Fitment
- Increase Caliber and Flow
- Increase Throttle Response
- Decrease Turbo Lag
- 3-Ply Reinforced Silicone Couplers
- Bungs for Water /Methanol Injection

In order to have better airtightness and stability
FTP developed the Reinforced Seal for full intercooler
pipe system

Found on the following N20 vehicles:

  1. M125i
  2. 220i
  3. 320i, 328i
  4. 420i, 428i 

BMW OEM part numbers: