Suvneer Motorsports™ G8x Front End Aero Package

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G80 M3 2020-2022

G82 / G83 M4 2020 - 202


The Suvneer Motorsports G8x Aero Package is a comprehensive set of aerodynamic enhancements designed to improve the performance and aesthetics of the

BMW G8x series. Here's a breakdown of what the package includes:

  1. Suvneer Motorsports'™ G8X Carbon Fiber Front Lip: This component is designed to attach to the front bumper of the BMW G8x series. It's made from carbon fiber, a lightweight and durable material often used in high-performance automotive applications. The front lip helps to reduce lift and increase downforce at the front of the vehicle, improving stability and grip.
  2. Suvneer Motorsports™ G8X Dry Carbon Fiber Bumper Trim: This trim piece complements the front lip and is also made from carbon fiber. It adds a visual enhancement to the front bumper area while also contributing to aerodynamic performance.
  3. MP Designed G8x Front Air Vents: These air vents are strategically placed in the front bumper to improve airflow to various components, such as the brakes or engine bay. By optimizing airflow, these vents can help reduce drag and improve cooling efficiency, which can lead to better overall performance.
  4. CSL Designed G8x Carbon Fiber Grill (ACC or Non-ACC): The carbon fiber grill replaces the stock grill on the BMW G8x series. It not only enhances the visual appeal of the vehicle but also contributes to aerodynamics by improving airflow to the radiator and engine bay. The grill is available in two variants: with or without Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) compatibility.

Overall, the Suvneer Motorsports'™ 8x Aero Package offers a combination of aerodynamic improvements and visual enhancements to enhance the performance and appearance of the BMW 8x series, catering to both functional and aesthetic preferences of automotive enthusiasts.

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Package Features:

  • Suvneer Motorsports'™ G8X Carbon Fiber Front Lip (Retail $799)
  • Suvneer Motorsports'™ G8X Dry Carbon Fiber Bumper Trim (Retail $ 280)
  • MP Designed G8x Front Air Vents (Retail $600)
  • CSL Designed G8x Carbon Fiber Grill (ACC or Non-ACC) (Retail ACC $670 | Non-Acc $690)
    Retail Price $2349

Optional Upgrade:

  • MP Designed G8X Carbon Fiber Canards
  • AC Designed 8x Carbon Fiber Canards

Key Features:

  • Material: High-quality dry carbon fiber
  • Precision Fitment: Designed for the G8x M3 / M4 chassis for a seamless integration
  • Lightweight: Carbon Fiber Upgrade parts
  • Aerodynamic Enhancement: Improves airflow and downforce for better stability
  • Sleek Design: Adds a sporty and aggressive look to your vehicle

We encourage customers to seek professional installation since equipping these products will require the removal of parts currently installed, to better secure fitment to your vehicle.

For any questions regarding fitment compatibility please email us at,

sBuild Material:

• Fiber-Reinforced Polymer and Glossy Carbon Fiber Coating