Turner Motorsport N55/N20 Stepped Intercooler - Black

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It's a basic principle of high performance: "A cool engine is a happy engine." In addition to reducing engine temperatures, cooler air is denser. An engine works as a glorified air compressor. Denser air means a larger mass of air and fuel in the same intake volume, resulting in more power. Turner Motorsport has developed an intercooler upgrade that is far superior to the stock unit. Constructed from cast aluminum with a bar and plate design, this intercooler increases both cross sectional area and frontal surface area by 56%.

The temperature from the inlet side to the outlet side is decreased by 45 degrees, showing one and a half times the temperature differential of the original part. Pressure decrease is also minimized, eliminating restriction and reducing the workload of the turbocharger. The stepped design increases volume and surface are in a limited space by adding an additional smaller core at the top of the intercooler. As a bolt-in upgrade, expect dyno-proven gains of 18 wheel horsepower and 10 lb/ft of torque. With a tune and supporting modifications, further gains are possible, up to 36 horsepower and 28 lb/ft of torque. All of this with an intercooler that still weighs under 20 lbs.

The attractive black finish is stealthy and easy to clean, while the etched "Turner" logos on the front and bottom of the intercooler add just the right amount of flash. If you're looking for the ultimate upgrade for your turbo BMW's cooling system, look no further than the Turner Motorsport Stepped Intercooler.

  • Cast aluminum construction
  • Bar and plate design
  • 56% increase in frontal surface area & cross sectional area
  • Decrease in temperature of 45 degrees from inlet side to outlet side (95 degree drop stock on outlet side vs. 140 degree drop on Turner outlet side)
  • Significantly less restriction (pressure drop of consistently 0.75 psi vs. 1.5-2.5 psi stock)
  • +18HP/10TQ (+36HP/28TQ with tune and supporting mods)
  • Weighs under 20 lbs.
  • Overall size: 520mm wide, 210mm tall
  • Mounting hardware included

Upgrade to the following OE Intercoolers: 17517600531, 17517600530, 17517618809


This Part Fits the Following Vehicles

Make Model Submodel Engine
BMW F22 228i N20 2.0L
BMW F22 228i xDrive N20 2.0L
BMW F22 M235i N55 3.0L
BMW F22 M235i xDrive N55 3.0L
BMW F23 228i N20 2.0L
BMW F23 228i xDrive N20 2.0L
BMW F23 M235i N55 3.0L
BMW F23 M235i xDrive N55 3.0L
BMW F30 320i N20 2.0L
BMW F30 320i xDrive N20 2.0L
BMW F30 328i N20 2.0L
BMW F30 328i xDrive N20 2.0L
BMW F30 335i N55 3.0L
BMW F30 335i xDrive N55 3.0L
BMW F31 328i xDrive N20 2.0L
BMW F32 428i N20 2.0L
BMW F32 428i xDrive N20 2.0L
BMW F32 435i N55 3.0L
BMW F32 435i xDrive N55 3.0L
BMW F33 428i N20 2.0L
BMW F33 428i xDrive N20 2.0L
BMW F33 435i N55 3.0L
BMW F33 435i xDrive N55 3.0L
BMW F34 328i xDrive N20 2.0L
BMW F34 335i xDrive N55 3.0L
BMW F36 428i N20 2.0L
BMW F36 428i xDrive N20 2.0L
BMW F36 435i N55 3.0L
BMW F36 435i xDrive N55 3.0L
BMW F87 M2 N55 3.0L