Vektor Performance 991.2 Air Oil Separator Catch Can

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The Vektor Performance Air Oil Separator was designed to work beyond the capabilities of the OEM Air Oil Separation system. Under High performance driving conditions, the factory air oil separation components do not do a sufficient job of removing liquid vapors from crankcase blow-by gasses. Over time, this will coat internal surfaces of the intake tract; causing lower intercooler heat exchange efficiency and can pool in areas of the intake system. The Vektor Performance Air Oil Separator installs between the crankcase vent hose and turbo inlet. Uses OEM style Quick Connects, a single worm-drive hose clamp, and removal/replacement of a single OEM bolt. The OEM crankcase hose does need to be modified but can be reversed if need be. The Drain Valve is located behind the rear passenger wheel, and we recommend opening the valve to drain collected oil at every oil change. Quantity of collected oil varies by conditions so we recommend checking the drain at every oil change and after each track day until you can establish a drain interval best for your conditions.


•Removes Oil Vapor from Boost Blow-By, Improving Intake Air Conditions

•Vortex Separation Technology

•Optimizes Boost Octane Level

•Improves Long-Term Intercooler Efficiency

•Designed specifically for High-Performance Turbo DIT Engines

•No Coolant Loop Required

•Conveniently located Drain Valve

•No Tuning Required



2017-2019 Porsche 911: Carrera, and Targa models: 991.2

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